Bristlecone condominiums, in the Snow Park area, are located about 0.7 of a mile from Snow Park Lodge at the base of Deer Valley Resort on the free Park City Transit route. These townhome-style condominiums feature a full kitchen, stone fireplace, private outdoor hot tub, private garage, deck facing the ski resort, private laundry room, and complimentary wireless Internet. There is covered guest parking located on campus. Units consist of 3 bedroom, 2 bath or 4 bedroom, 3 bath. 

Bristlecone is a family friendly, smoke free and pet free beautiful mountain campus built in 1996. This is a fantastic location for a primary residence or second home with amazing views. Close to all types of recreation. 

Ptarmigan Property Services, Inc.
Park City, Utah

You are welcome to call Ptarmigan Property Services' own contacts to help with maintenance of your home or condo:

Zen Zoe Water Works (Troy) - 801-244-7680
Hot Rod and Yox - 435-649-4759
VR Plumbing - 435-645-8808

Canyons Electric (Dave) - 435-513-3134

General Contracting
Stecki Construction (Mike) - 435-640-1126

Summit Painting (Joel Moskal) - 435-237-2654

Roofing Consultant
Innovative (Kraig Klawson) - 801-278-8917

Rock and Stone Work
Munich Construction 801-916-4495

Heat Tape
Kidston Engineering (Fred) - 801-205-4229

Hot Tubs ( service)
Property Watch (Jeff) - 435-640-1951

Window Cleaning 
Eckland Window Cleaning - 435-640-0167

Rain Gutters
JC Rain Gutters LLC (Jim Abney) - 801-717-0356

Bristlecone HOA 
Property Inspections Available
Regular property inspections are now available from Ptarmigan Property Services. These individual check-ups are meant to ensure that everything is in order within the owners' units.  Moreover, with the recent colder than normal winters bringing extreme sub-zero cold spells, these visitations may help prevent frozen pipes and water damage.  This new program is ultimately meant to reduce an owner's loss of rental income and personal use in addition to major insurance company claims due to issues that could be prevented.  Additional needs such as starting the owner's car once a week may also be included.  

Cost for inspections is based on frequency, property size, and critical tasks to be examined.  Please do not hesitate to contact Ptarmigan Property Services for a quote:

Alan Johnson, owner          
P. O. Box 680820                         
Park City, Utah   84068                435-640-2857

Property Inspections - Scope of Work
Weekly Property Inspections
  • Check plumbing to ensure all water is working properly with no leaks; verify the toilets flush.
  • Leave all kitchen cabinet and vanity doors open to expose plumbing (winter months).
  • Leave all bedroom and bathroom doors open.
  • Verify all doors and windows are closed and locked.
  • Confirm all lights are working; replace bulbs if necessary.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Required repairs (under $200) will be completed and invoiced. Repairs (over $200) will be reported for authorization.
  • ​Maintain thermostat at 60 degrees during winter months.
  • Check that furnaces and water heaters are operating properly (pilot lights on).
  • Arrange annual servicing for furnace; change filters  (invoice owner).
  • Snow shoveling of decks will be done on an ‘as needed’ basis at a rate of $45.00 per hour.
  • ​See Request Form and Printable Request Form.
Hot Tub Maintenance - Scope of Work

  • Make sure hot tub is filled and ready upon arrival (will require eMail confirmation of arrival and departure dates).  
  • Hot tub levels (chemicals) will be completed for arrival. 
  • Weekly checks on hot tub included.  Maintaining appropriate (on site) chemicals and invoiced as needed (chlorine, ph-up, ph-down, etc.)
  • Leave hot tub room door open or closed depending on specific location and access to heat source.
  • See Request Form and Printable Request Form.